Jeepers Creepers: How simple math cost ‘Uncle Creepy’ at UFC on FX 2

Everyone adult in the civilized world should know how to count to 30. I could be wrong, but I thought it was part of the basic curriculum of all kindergarten and first grade classes to at least establish that minimum for passing the class. If that’s the case, then how did the bout between “Uncle Creepy” Ian McCall (Not a made-up nickname) and Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson (Real as well) get counted as a split decision for Johnson (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)…until an adding error was found to change the result to a majority decision (29-28, 29-29, 29-28)…just long enough for a final error in tabulation was discovered, ruling the bout a draw (28-28, 29-29, 29-28).

Did you catch all that? I thought the calculator had already made its way to Australia by now?

McCall and Johnson were fighting for a spot in the finals of the first ever UFC Flyweight Tournament, a four-man format to determine the champion at a new 125-pound weight class. A win last night would have matched up the fighter with Joseph Benavidez to determine the inaugural belt holder. The way the tournament is set up, if a fight is ruled a draw after three rounds, a fourth “sudden death” round is fought to determine the winner.

To rectify the decision, UFC Supreme Leader Dana White stated that a rematch will be scheduled for April. So why am I so annoyed?

The third round was dominated by McCall, so much so that I, along with a majority of fans watching at home, felt the bout should have been stopped. The credentials for “intelligently defending oneself” as stated in the Unified Rules of MMA weren’t being met, as Johnson was face-first on the canvas getting hit probably two dozen times. Some of the punches were partially blocked and McCall was show-boating when he should have been trying his hardest to win the fight, but it seemed clear that the brain of “Mighty Mouse” was going for a ride in the final 20 seconds or so.

The official stat tracker for the UFC, , had McCall landing 83-of-104 strikes in the final frame. To be fair, only 24 were called “significant” strikes, but if the fight had been called a draw initially, Johnson would have had only about one minute to rest up before round 4 began. While “Mighty Mouse” looked like a beaten man, “Uncle Creepy” did a backflip and a number of push-ups after the fight to show the fans he still had plenty of energy left.

Now, Johnson has a month ro recover. He’ll have a chance to game plan for McCall, work on his takedown defense (McCall landed four takedowns on Johnson, who prior to the fight had never been dropped by a fighter 5-foot-5 or smaller) and enter the Octagon more prepared for the rematch. If the fight had instead gone a fourth round, my money’s on the fact he didn’t have another five minutes in his gas tank and would have lost. McCall would be fighting Benavidez for the title and one of the biggest embarrassments in recent UFC history would never have come to fruition.

The solution to this problem is simple. It can’t be reversed, they can’t reconvene the fighters for a one-round bout, the tournament shouldn’t be abolished. However, the UFC needs to enact a policy for all future fights that judges are mandated to take a minimum of 60 seconds to tabulate and re-tabulate their scorecards at the end of a bout before submitting them. If they can’t do simple math, give them a calculator or tell them to find another line of work.

And sadly, this is probably ranked as the 1,903,803th biggest issue regarding judges in MMA, but I don’t have an eternity to air my laundry on the subject. That will be for another blog post.

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