A little bit about me…

Hello world, welcome to Cardiac Attack Sports, your better-than-average source for the latest in the world of sports. I’m Lucas Kinser, you’re modestly humble host.

While I may be just a college student getting my feet wet in the real world, I feel that it’s the perfect time for me to get my voice out to the interwebs on some topics that I hold dear, particularly Baseball, Football, and Mixed Martial Arts. I will certainly cover other sports as events come and go, but for the most part my blog will focus on the Big Three in American males age 18-to-25.

A little bit about me, I live in Little Elm, a suburb just north of Dallas with my parents. Shocking, a blogger who doesn’t have the money to get his own place, I know! It’s a nice set-up; I have the upstairs mostly to myself and two of the best people I know to keep a pretty nice roof over my head. I currently work for Panini America writing sports trading cards and doing periodical research for the company mostly focused on statistics. I also freelance for the Dallas Morning News as a high school sports writer.

I’m currently attending the University of North Texas and slowly-but-surely going after a major in News Editorial with an emphasis on Broadcasting and the Web. It’s sort of a convergent media degree that’s supposed to look better on a resume than simply a journalism degree. I’m in my sixth year working on a bachelor’s degree (cue the lazy fat guy jokes) but plan on graduating in the fall.

As for the title of my blog, Cardiac Attack Sports is a reference to my congenital heart defect. I’ve had over a dozen surgeries in my 23 years on this planet, including four major open-heart procedures. I probably won’t live to see my 40th birthday, but I’ve come to accept and, strangely, embrace my disabilities. In fact, if it weren’t for me not being able to play sports as a kid, I probably would be playing semi-pro baseball right now instead of sitting in a computer chair typing feverously away.

With that all being said, I welcome you to my blog. My next post will most likely be a preview for Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine on Saturday, Jan. 7. Until then, God Bless and Stay Classy.